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Remembering Ed Davison brings a smile to my face. We did so much together in our high school days; the many times we would go to the ball fiend to practice and
sharpen our baseball skills—of which he had many.

Ed was best man at my wedding and a couple of years later I was best man at his. A little later in life we had the honor of being named God Parents to Ed and Carole’s
two sons.

Two weeks ago we talked on the phone as we did every so often. Ed had his health problems, but all he wanted to talk about was his wifel, Carole and the problems she
was having at this time—so much like him to always be thinking of others. That is the kind of man he was.

I, no, we have lost a very good man. He will be greatly missed by me and also, I’m sure, by those who have ever had the great privilege of knowing him.
— Ron Speed